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What happend to the Elizabeth show?

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At 3:40 pm on December 2 the Elizabeth Community Center called us and told us that we could not have a wrestling show in Elizabeth. We were stunned.The reason they gave was that it was not legal to have a wrestling show in Elizabeth that we would need a permit and permission of the city council.This is all something that was never  mentioned before.They claimed they didnt know it was going to be a wrestling show which is a big fat lie they knew it was going to be wrestling since September.  Why did they wait till the last minute to let me know? Well I think it was because they didnt want a wrestling show there period and wanted to wait till it was to late for me to try and get a permit and permission. 
Mauler and a couple of the other wrestlers showed up and they werent very happy to learn of the shows cancelation they had driven for 28 hrs. 
We would like any fans who showed up to know that we are very sorry and will do our very best to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.   
We have filed a suit against the Elizabeth Community Center the case goes to court on February 3 wish us good luck.........O.E.W


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